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Safety is our number one priority at DIVE BASE COIBA.
Prior to anyone getting wet we endeavor to cover all the possible angles of safety.

Our Diving Safety Program is the most complete and best equipped in the region:

  • We have constant communication between our boats and our Dive Base.
  • We carry a full range of Medical Oxygen and First Aid aboard all our boats and at our Base in Pixvae.
  • The air produced from our dive compressors is tested every six months for its quality and purity for scuba diving.
  • Our Dive Rental Equipment is subject to a rigid in house maintenance program, by our qualified Scubapro Technicians and as per manufacturers recommendations.
  • Our Emergency Response Plan has evolved over many years to a precise, living, working document and is updated each month by our staff.
  • Our staff, diving and none diving are fully certified First Responders and Medical Oxygen Providers.
  • Our knowledgeable boat captains have over two decades working these waters and over a decade working with divers.
  • Our selection of sites will be based on our divers level of experience, certification and comfort levels.
  • A thorough and clear Dive briefing and site description will be held prior to each individual dive.

Our Divemasters/ Naturalist Guides work together with all our staff to make your diving experience in the field a safe, highly enjoyable experience and interaction with the underwater world.

We dive on the most exposed, advanced sites during the mornings dive activities and shallower more protected sites in the afternoon.
Our company policy as responsible operators, our safety equipment available to all Dive and tourism operators working in the area.

Your safety and comfort are our number one priority. We want our clients to relax and enjoy a stress free and positive experience of the spectacular underwater world of the Coiba National Park!

Equipment recommendations for Scuba Diving the Coiba National Park

All equipment should be thoroughly tested and serviced and in excellent working condition.

  • Buoyancy Control Device. 
  • Scuba Regulator with Pressure and Depth Gauge. Mask, Fins and Snorkel.
  • Full Neoprene Wetsuit, (We recommended at least 3mm, 5mm ideally)
  • Light Hood and Gloves.
  • Booties.
  • Two Surface Signaling Devices. (Recommended) Whistle and Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)  
  • Dive Computer. (Recommended)

DIVE BASE COIBA Equipment Inventory.

  • Compressors.
    • 1 Coltri MCH 16 13cft per minute compressor.
    • 1 Bauer Mariner 7 cft per minute compressor. Portable.
    • Nitrox System, 1 Continuous Flow system. Nitrox 36% and 32% 1 Partial Presssure Blending System.
  • Scuba Tanks.
    • 68 Aluminum 80cft tanks with Yoke and Din valves.
    • 4 Steel 100cft tanks with Yoke and DIN valves.
    • 4 Aluminum 63ft tanks.
    • 4 Sests of Double Tanks, with Isolation Valves. 8 Rigged Decompression Tanks.80cft and 73cft.
  • Regulators.
    • 7 R395/MK2 Scubapro Regulator systems complete with consoles
    • 4 S600/MK25 Scubapro Regulator systems complete with 3 gauge consoles.
  • BCD’s
    • 10 Scubapro Buoyancy Control Devices with weight integrated systems. 
  • Wet Suits.
    • 16 Scubapro 3 & 5mm full suits.
  • Mask, Fins and Snorkels
    • 16 Assorted range of Masks fins and snorkels
  • Dive Computers.  
  • 6 Scubapro/Uwatec Tec wrist mounted consoles.
  • Additional Safety Equipment.          
  • 2 x K type (200cft) Medical Oxygen Cylinders with regulators and transfer whips.
    • 2 x DAN DUAL Medical Oxygen Packs.
    • 2 x DAN Rescua Packs.
    • 2 First Aid Kits.
    • 1 Primary First Aid Kit at Base.
    • 1 VHF Radio Base Station at Dive Base.
    • 2 Hand Held VHF portable radios.
    • 12 Life jackets
    • All drift and tag lines for dive boats.
    • Flares.
    • Fire Extinguishers.
    • 2 hand held GPS.


Why Choose Us?

Our location keeps navigation time to a minimum and provides easier access to a larger area of the Coiba National Park’s "signature" dive sites.
Our full day guided dive packages can be tailored to suit all levels of diver training, from absolute novices through experienced divers.
 We also offer single and Multi-Day guided tours to discover the Coiba National Park and the local area of Pixvae.