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Dive Courses

We can offer our guests a full range of PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) Diver courses, from a 3 hour Discover Scuba Diving Experience too Professional levels of certification and training, along with a full menu of Diver Specialty Courses such as Underwater Photography, Underwater Videographer, Underwater Naturalist, Drift and Deep Diving to name but a few!

We also offer Referral Courses and a complete Scuba Review to brush up on your dive knowledge and practice and hone your dive skills.


Dive Course Descriptions and Structure.


Discover Scuba Diving.

Under the individual care of one of our experienced Scuba Diving Instructors.

“A window to another world” A non-certification, 3 hour introduction to Scuba Diving.

Minimum age: 11 years.


Course Structure.

Duration: 3 / 4Hours

  • Registration and Academic presentation followed by a short quiz and introduction to Scuba Diving Equipment. (1 hour)
  • In a protected shallow water environment an introduction to some basic scuba diving skills and basic dive equipment use. (1 hour)
  • On completion of parts one and two. One Open Water Dive to a maximum depth of 40ft/12mts on a protected, calm water site. (1 hour)

On successful completion of this course you will be able to scuba dive, however only with one of our dive professionals, to a maximum depth of 40ft/12mts. Take in the beautiful underwater world of a selection of calm water and protected dive sites in the Coiba National Park and local sites. Your temporary dive card issued by our Instructor is valid for the rest of your stay at Isla Simca.


PADI Discover Scuba Program includes.

  • Experienced Dive Instructor.
  • All tuition
  • Full Dive Equipment,
  • Scuba Tanks and Weights.
  • Dive Boat & Captain.
  • Temporary Certification Card.

Cost per person $185.


PADI. Open Water Diver Course. (Duration, five full days)

The PADI Open Water Diver Course is a full Entry Level diver certification course. On successful completion of this course your Instructor will issue a license that will be accepted at dive operations worldwide!

Course Structure.

Duration: Approx. 5 Days.

  • Course conducted by a fully certified PADI Instructor.
  • Course Administration and Registration
  • Five Modules, Academic/ knowledge development presentations via video and PADI Dive instructor.
    • Here we will learn the basics of Scuba Diving, from physiology, dive safety and planning and the ocean environment. Each academic module is followed by a short quiz and knowledge review. The final module is followed by a 50-question multiple-choice exam.
  • Five Modules of Confined Water training, in a body of calm protected water.
    • Here we learn and practice the basic skills needed to be a competent entry-level diver. Skills include, buoyancy control, proper dive techniques and learn and practice with the use of dive equipment. After each confined water session we will take a short scuba dive to practice buoyancy control and dive skills.
  • Four Open Water Scuba Dives.
    • Once you are completely comfortable and competent with your newly acquired dive skills, we will enter a deeper water environment.
    • Our first two Open Water dives will be to a maximum depth of 40ft/12mts; here we will perform our skills, prior to a full tour of the selected dive sites.
    • Our second two dives will be to a maximum depth of 60ft/18mts. Here we will perform a skills practice prior to taking a full tour of the selected sites to enjoy the fascinating underwater world.

PADI Open Water Diver Certification Program includes.

  • Experienced Dive Instructor.
  • PADI Crew Pack, containing PADI Open Water Diver Manual, Recreational Dive Planner and Log Book.
  • All tuition.
  • Full Dive Equipment Rental.
  • All Scuba Tanks, Air Fills and Weights.
  • Two Open Water Training Dives on local sites & Two Open Water Training Dives in the Coiba National Park
  • Dive Boat & Captain.
  • Registration with PADI.
  • Full Diver Certification Card.

Cost per person. $400.


Full Scuba Review.

If you are certified but it’s been a while since you dived. We can offer you a complete day, brushing up and refreshing with your dive knowledge, dive skills and buoyancy. Major dive agencies recommend that all divers should take a full Scuba Review if they have not dived for over and 12 month period.

Our full day spent reviewing your knowledge and skills will help you to fully enjoy the world-class diving environment of the Coiba National Park and the many local coastal dive sites!

Course Structure.

Duration: 7 to 8 hours.

  • Registration and course introduction.
  • Review of basic scuba diving knowledge including review of Recreational Dive Planner use. 3 Hours.
  • Equipment preparation and testing review. 1 Hour.
  • Confined Water full Scuba skills review, including emergency procedures and buoyancy practice. (2 Hours)
  • One Open Water dive to a maximum depth of 60ft/18mts. (2 Hours)

PADI Scuba Review Program includes.

  • Experienced Dive Instructor.
  • All tuition
  • Full Dive Equipment,
  • Scuba Tanks and Weights.
  • Dive Boat & Captain.
  • Confined Water skills review and one Open Water Dive on local dive site.

Cost per person. $195.


Continuing Diver Education.

If you are a certified diver and would like to advance with your diving knowledge and ability, please ask about our diverse array of continuing dive education packages, for example:

Advanced Open Water Diver (2 to 3 full days)

Cost per person: $350


Specialty Courses. (Examples)

  • Underwater Photography and Videographer
  • National Geographic Diver.
  • Underwater Naturalist.
  • Underwater Navigation
  • Deep Diver.
  • Drift Diver.
  • Enriched Air/Nitrox Diver. Mixtures to 40% Oxygen


Our dive staff is at your service to discuss all our dive packages and guided tours and services. 

Dive Base Coiba Map

Important Items for Diving

  • Dive Certification Card and if possible Dive Log Book.
  • Dive Insurance. Divers Alert Network DAN or other. (Highly Recommended)