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About Us

The founder of DIVE BASE COIBA is Kevan Mantell, a dive instructor and experienced and avid Technical Diver for over 20 years. Kevan worked for several years in the mid nineties as Dive Operations Manager aboard the Coiba Explorer 2, the first serious dive and live-aboard operation in the Gulf of Chiriquí and the Coiba National Park. 

As member of a small group of dive professionals, he was one of the first to explore and catalogue the regions dive sites and study the potential for sustainable scuba diving tourism in this region. An initial three-month expedition, exploring the spectacular deep seamounts, pinnacles and shallow reefs of the region, experience the sheer biomass and diversity of marine life. Also naming many of the sites along the way. 

Still exploring and discovering, He has spent the last 15 years working as a professional diver, marine consultant and guide with the scientific community, participating in ongoing marine investigations, from the shallow vibrant reefs, to the abysmal depths of the regions numerous seamounts by means of technical and submersibles dives, developing data on the uniqueness, natural phenomenon, events and importance of this oasis of marine and terrestrial bio-diversity.

His work with diving, conservation and science has taken him on expeditions to the other islands, which like Coiba and the islands of the Gulf of Chiriquí form the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor, Coco Island, Costa Rica, Malpelo and Gorgona Islands, Colombia and the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. All connected by massive oceanic currents and a mountainous underwater highway, one of the most dynamic and isolated marine eco-regions on earth!

At DIVE BASE COIBA, Kevan has bought together a small but dedicated team, including his family, working to conserve and understand more about this special area.  We endeavor to bring you a different kind of dive experience. We take in the best of the regions marine environment, the natural cycles of life and important natural events and sites.

Working in harmony with the remote local communities, we use and support local micro – businesses in their initiatives of sustainable tourism and actively participate and assist with local community schools and projects, environmental education, training local guides and English classes.

DIVE BASE COIBA represents almost two decades of constant involvement with the Coiba National Park. An opportunity to continue exploring and increase understanding of the underwater world of this dynamic jewel of the natural world.

Dive Base Coiba Map

The Liquid Jungle Laboratory


“The natural setting, quality of the facilities, service, fascinating architecture and general ambiance of the Liquid Jungle Lab are absolutely unique to this region and located only 10 minutes navigation from the center of the Coiba National Park”

The remote private island of Isla Canales del Tierra (Isla Simca) lies just outside the eastern most limits of the Coiba National Park. Perched high above the shore line and surrounded by dense lowland tropical humid forest, the Liquid Jungle Lab (LJL) is a state of the art, working, scientific lab and field station.