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How to get here

How to get here

By Local Transport

From Panama City to Sona or Santiago by local transport.

Espresso buses, Panama-Sona, leave Panama City’s principal transport terminal in Albrook every 4 hours directly to Sona, approximately 290km, 4-5 hours on the Inter- American Highway.  Or from Panama City’s, Albrook terminal to Santiago.
Once in Santiago’s main bus terminal, local buses leave for to Sona every 30 minutes. A trip of approximately one hour.

From David to Santiago or David to Sona.

Espresso Buses depart every 30mins to Panama City and pass through Santiago. From the main bus terminal in Santiago local buses leave for Sona every 30 minutes.

Or  travel on the Espresso Bus to Tole on the Inter- American Highway. Change Bus, Take Coaster Bus  from Tole  to Las Palmas then, change bus, Las Palmas to Sona!

From Bocas del Toro to Santiago.

Buses leave every 4 hours to Panama City, passing directly by Santiago. From the main bus terminal in Santiago local buses leave for Sona every 30 minutes.

From Sona to Pixvae.

From Sona, the real adventure starts!  Local small buses or “Chivas” (Mountain Goats) usually enclosed Toyota Land Cruisers, run once daily between Pixvae and Sona, leaving Sona at 12.30pm daily from the area on the opposite side of the road in front of the store Juan XX111 on the main street of Sona. On Friday and Monday there are 2 Chivas, leaving Sona for Pixvae at 8am and 12.30pm. The trip takes around 3 hours.

We can arrange all transportation for all our guests from anywhere in Panama to Pixvae.

By Car

Panama City > Santiago > Sona > Pixvae.

If you are driving, you will need at least a small four- wheel drive vehicle to make the trip from Sona to Pixvae. Or rent a sedan, drive to Sona, park the car in our safe parking and take the Chiva Bus the last part of the journey too and Pixvae.

In Panama City, take the Inter-American Highway west too Santiago (247km or 150miles and 3.5 to 4 hours drive). Once in Santiago, turn left off the Inter–American Highway directly under the first principal car overpass/bridge, go straight until the road meets a T-junction. Here turn right towards the Cathedral, follow the road keeping to the left of the Cathedral, at the back of the Cathedral a crossroad, turn right at the back of the Cathedral go straight, 400m to a crossroads with a small store on the left which has extensive murals on the wall facing you and turn left, keep straight and follow the signs to Sona, (42km/26miles and 50 to 60 minute drive) Once in Sona follow the main street into and through the town until you see on your right a huge silver water tank with IDAAN 10,000 gallons written on it. Here turn left; you are on the road to Pixvae, (44.7km or 28 miles and approximately 2 hours.).

The drive from Sona to Pixvae is a complete adventure, with many places to stop on the way and take in the dramatic scenery, take photos or bathe in the cool crystalline soft waters of several streams and small rivers you will cross on the way.

Facts on Pixvae

 Pixvae has 2 hostels that are clean and comfortable. The town has its own mains water supply and a large generator supplies power for 4 hours per day, 6.30pm too 10.30pm.
 Food and cooking facilities are available at the hostels. Small stores carry basic foodstuffs and supplies. Two Cantinas or Bars serve cold beer and some drinks.
 There is a Police station manned 24 hours per day and a small Medical Centre.

The school has over 150 students and serves as the center of education for children from many small remote hamlets in the mountains around Pixvae.

How to get here

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